Montserrat Discussion Inspires Idea Factory 2.0

October 31, 2011

This past summer, Lincoln Arts Project (LAP) went to a discussion at Montserrat featuring start-up spaces, DIY galleries, and collectives. Initiated by Aaron Colantti from St.Paul MN, Idea Factory focused on starting, running, and maintaining start-up spaces. They enjoyed it so much that they decided to create a second installment discussion, Idea Factory 2.0, at LAP, which coincided with their October Bostonia Collectives show, curated by Fish McGill. The discussion, which took place Oct. 20th, focused on maintaining younger artists within the Boston Art Scene.

The panel of speakers included Montserrat’s Graphic Design Instructor Mary Bucci McCoy from the Kingston Gallery, Exhibitions Manager Lucas Spivey, and alumnus Bradford Rusick ’08, who both represented 17 Cox, Artist/Writer Caleb Neelon, Adam Moskowitz (YES.OUI.SI), Elliott Anderson (LAP Gallery), and Pat Falco (LAP & Distillery Gallery).