Montserrat Community Members Perform in Boston: TBSO2

October 19, 2012

Members of the Montserrat community, senior Tom Maio ’13, faculty members Erik Benjamin and Sandrine Schaefer will be involved in an all day performative event this Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, from 10 am to 10 pm at Anthony Greaney Gallery at 450 Harrison Ave. in Boston!

Time Body Space Objects 2
Curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan

12 artists have been invited to participate. Each artist has chosen one hour – randomly, out of a hat. There will be no clean up or set up time, one hour will transition into the next. Each artist must leave the space empty at the end of their hour. The theme will be commitment.

Participating artists:
10am-11am Tom Maio
11am-12pm Martine Viale
12pm-1pm Daniel DeLuca
1pm-2pm Jeff Huckleberry
2pm-3pm Erik Benjamins
3pm-4pm Sandrine Schaefer
4pm-5pm Nicholas Buffon
5pm-6pm Rob Andrews
6pm-7pm Ryan Hawk
7pm-8pm Peter Dobill
8pm-9pm Anya Liftig
9pm-10pm Tim Devin

Tom Maio’s work is primarily in performance, printmaking and assemblage. His performances and two dimensional work are tied together in the use of black. He uses Darkness as a manifestation of both meditation and focus, as well as desolation and discomfort. Tom is a Senior at Montserrat College of Art and a co-founder of the artist group “The Collective” and has exhibited his performances regularly in Boston and the North Shore.

Erik Benjamins works in rigorous and patient pursuit towards a choreography of the performing, culinary and visual arts as means to unpack the relationship between the home and away place.

Sandrine Schaefer is a Boston-based artist, writer, educator, and curator. Sandrine’s ephemeral artwork explores cycles of the invisible becoming visible and the shared human experience of understanding the body in space, corporally and conceptually. Her work utilizes the connection between cumulative action and endurance, by manipulating duration to challenge the parameters of real time. She believes that art lives in the body. Through the body’s actions we can re-imagine the potential of our relationship with our environment.

Sandrine has been the recipient of several grants, residencies, and has exhibited her work extensively both nationally and internationally. Sandrine is a co-founder and Director of The Present Tense, an art initiative that produces and archives live art events and exchanges in transient spaces. To date, The Present Tense has served as a resource for time-based art and has shown 300+ artists from across the globe.