Montserrat College of Art Appoints New Leadership to the Board of Trustees

November 12, 2015

Montserrat College of Art has elected new leadership to its Board of Trustees, naming Atty. John Colucci (left, top) of Wenham, Managing Partner-Trade Center at McLane Middleton Professional Association, as the new board chair.

JohnColucci.jpg“At Montserrat, students transform themselves,” Colucci said, noting his enthusiasm to take over the chairmanship. “The personalized education and nurturing environment encourage them to discover and refine their personal creative vision and how they express it. I’m honored and excited to lead our Board of Trustees as we further the momentum of this vibrant small college as it readies students for success in the creative economy, or the many other paths their Montserrat education enables them to take.”

Serving as vice chair is consultant Henrietta Gates of Hamilton. Other executive board members include Joyce Moore of Windover Construction, treasurer; Atty. Miranda Gooding of Glovsky and Glovsky, Beverly, secretary; and Atty. Barry Weiner, of Ruberto, Israel and Weiner, PC, vice chair of development.
judyschmidAlong with the new leadership, the board added to new trustees to its ranks: artist/graphic designer Judy Schmid (right) of Marblehead and Alex Lamb (left, bottom) of Manchester, managing director of Commonwealth Impact Partners.

Schmid said, “I am very proud to become a member of a board with such varied backgrounds and disciplines. Having received a scholarship to attend a similar art college, and dealing with the day to day all art students have in common, I feel I have unique connection with the students of Montserrat. I graduated to begin a life of great personal satisfaction and now I hope to be able to help other artists have the same opportunity. What better way than to serve on the Board of Trustees at Montserrat? I look forward to learning much, as well as contributing to the success of Montserrat in the future.”

AlexLambHeadShotAlex Lamb added, “I am so pleased to serve Montserrat as a Trustee and support its mission to incubate leaders of the creative economy. Montserrat is integral to what makes the North Shore special. I am excited to contribute as the school continues to flourish, and to see it change more students’ lives as it becomes an even greater part of our community’s cultural abundance.”

Former Trustees Chair Lee Dellicker of Windover Construction was praised for his many years of leadership and has agreed to remain an active and contributing participant in the college’s future.