Montserrat Art Connection Update: On Point Installation

June 18, 2014

Montserrat College of Art Gallery’s Asst. Curator of Exhibitions Pam Campanaro and Asst. Curator of Education Savery Kelley installed 16 works at On Point in Salem last week. Art Connection will soon be completing installations at Turtle Creek and North East Arc.

“The staff on site yesterday seemed very happy with the installation and were very impressed with the artwork the clients selected.” – Savery Kelley

“The reactions of the art work were priceless. It was everything the kid’s expected and more! They are taking ownership of these pieces and are being protective of the art. ‘It’s like we have our own art galley at On Point’ one of the kids said. Everyone’s first response when coming into the building is the art work and how much better the program looks with it. We all thank you both for coming in here and doing such a great job. I look forward to our future relationship and everything we are going to be doing in the summer!” – Asst. Coordinator at On Point, Jeff Rousseau

The Montserrat Art Connection Mid-year Report
With the generous support from The Art Connection and the Fay Slover Fund at the Boston Foundation, 2014 has been a busy and successful year for the Montserrat Art Connection (MAC). With new staff now in place and trained, the increasing presence and visibility of Montserrat and the MAC in our region, and the continued partnership and support of The Art Connection and the Fay Slover Fund, we look forward to building on this momentum in the second half of 2014 and in future years.


  • New staff members, Pamela Campanaro, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions, and Savery Kelley, Coordinator of Public Programs, have been oriented about  the mission and trained for the work of the Montserrat Art Connection. As part of this they spent a very valuable day meeting with staff at the Boston base of The Art Connection.
  • There has been a robust effort to expand the library of work available for donation and installation. Focus has been to collect pieces that are audience-specific for planned installation sites to insure that works presented for consideration by the group of constituents from that organization will seem appropriate and compelling to them.
  • Specific efforts have been undertaken to engage more of the Montserrat community of college and continuing education students, faculty, staff, and alumni artists in contributing to and participating in the work of the Montserrat Art Connection.
  • By June 30,2014, four installations will have been completed at three sites, Northeast Arc in Danvers, On Point Teen Resource Center in Salem, and Turtle Creek senior living residence in Beverly. Conversations are also in progress with each of these organizations about additional installations, and planned and potential outreach programming in the coming months. These include a next installation already planned for this summer at another Harborlight Community Partners senior living residence.

Savery, and Leonie Bradbury, Director, Curator: Gallery & Visiting Artists, have conducted numerous meetings with potential collaborators in the Montserrat community, including many members of the college’s faculty, to better inform them about the Montserrat Art Connection (MAC). As a result , discussions are underway about involving several of their classes and selected students with future installations, and related outreach projects at MAC sites.

  • A sculpture faculty member, who will be teaching a course in the next academic year on Installation Sculpture, is interested in coordinating with the MAC to do temporary installations next spring at one of the MAC partner sites.
  • A photography faculty member is interested in potentially offering a free workshop for male teenage residents at The Plummer Home to help them to create works of their own that could then be installed.
  • The chair of Montserrat’s Art Education program has spoken with several students, and selected two Juniors, as potential future collaborators for the coming academic year. Both interested in art therapy and could create proposals for potential workshops with clients at Northeast Arc.

As part of process to build the library of work available for MAC projects, both general and audience specific calls for work have been issued to our community this year. These efforts will continue in the summer and next academic year.

  • Calls for audience appropriate works for the installations at On Point and Harborlight have yielded high response rates, and 30 and 20 donated pieces of art respectively.
  • Works remaining from, or created at, Montserrat’s Artrageous event have been contributed.
  • At the end of the spring semester, an Montserrat Art Connection Donation Table was open and staffed in front of the Hardie Building for four days. This yielded about 35 new student works .
  • Five donations from alumni were received after the NOW WHAT? Alumni Exhibition.

On Point, Teen Resource Center, Salem
On Point is for Salem youth on probation as well as other youth living in Salem’s Point neighborhood.  It is a collaboration between Plummer Home, the Salem Police, and the Essex County Juvenile Court located in Salem’s lowest income neighborhood.

1)      On Friday April 18th, 11 teens and 3 chaperones from On Point visited Montserrat  for the art selection process. With MAC staff they selected 16 works. All have been framed and will be installed on Wednesday, June 11th.

Northeast Arc Day Habilitation Center, Danvers
Northeast Arc helps people with disabilities become full participants in the community; choosing for themselves how to live, learn, work, socialize and play. We have been in operation for 59 years with an annual operating budget of $125 million. They serve close to 7,000 people annually in 150 Massachusetts cities and towns; and are the largest Arc in Massachusetts and the 4th largest in the country.  They are one of the largest employers on the north shore with over 500 full-time employees and over 100 part-time employees.  They work with over 700 volunteers annually.

2)      Matt Crosson, the leader of the “Turning 22” group, and five individuals from North East Arc visited Montserrat on Thursday May 22nd and selected twelve works from our Art Bank. All work has been framed and is ready for install, which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25th.

3)      Montserrat Alumna Bea Modisett has solidified all plans for her site-specific mural. Savery has coordinated the necessary arrangements with Northeast Arc and her design plan is finalized. Bea will begin the mural on Saturday, June 21st with an assistant. She and the assistant will work with clients of Northeast Arc on the mural during the day on Tuesday, June 24th. Bea and her assistant will finish the mural on Saturday, June 28th.

Turtle Creek Residence, of Harborlight Community Partners, Beverly
Harborlight Community Partners is a growing non-profit organization located right here in Beverly that provides affordable housing for North Shore people who need help, regardless of their means. They strive to make homes available for people and families who are out of work, or working full time but still unable to afford market-rate rent, men and women with disabilities, and others who are struggling.

4)      Leonie and Savery visited Turtle Creek and Turtle Woods, Harborlight Community Partners senior living residences in Beverly, on Thursday, May 1st. Both are in the process of being renovated, but Turtle Creek has a special reception planned for Friday, July 11th and so it was decided to do the art selection process/ installation for this site in June. Valerie Williams, the Coordinator of the Turtle Creek Residence, visited Montserrat on Wednesday, May 21st with five of their residents. They selected ten  works for their front entryway and computer area. All works have been framed and the installation will be completed on Monday, June 23rd.

1)      Turtle Woods Residence, of Harborlight Community Partners, Beverly
With their renovations completed Savery will work with their staff and residents in July to select art to be installed this summer.

2)      On Point, Teen Resource Center, Salem
Savery is in the process of working with Keith Willa, the Programs Coordinator at On Point, and two Montserrat alumnae, Morgan Dyer and Bianca Picozzi, to run a six week art workshop series from Tuesday, July 8th through Tuesday, August 12th.

3)      Northeast Arc Day Habilitation Center, Danvers
Montserrat faculty member Len Thomas Vickery has proposed two projects, a Zen Garden and a magnetic interactive mural and both been approved for installation by Northeast Arc. He will begin working on the Zen Garden in July, and will complete the mural, with assistance from an Intern and clients of North East Arc, in July and August. Montserrat alumni Andrew Bablo’s vinyl mural has also been approved and he has met with clients of the Arc in the “Turning 22” group, they have begun brainstorming ideas for text that he is going to work into the design of the mural. He will meet with them again in July, solidify his design plans, and then begin install once everything is finalized.

As mentioned above, two students from Montserrat’s Art Education department, will look into developing proposals for potential workshops with Northeast Arc clients.

4)      The Plummer Home For Boys, Residence for Homeless Teens, Salem
The Plummer Home is a 152-year-old facility that helps boys 14 to 18 who can no longer live with their families. Our vision is to provide a community committed to providing all children the support necessary to successfully navigate to healthy adulthood.  Our mission is to provide adolescents innovative support and services, in a safe and nurturing environment, to build the skills and relationships necessary for successful adulthood.

After an initial conversation between Leonie, Howard Amidon, Montserrat Dean of Development , and Nicole McLaughlin, Plummer’s Director of Strategy and Advancement, Leonie and Savery made a site visit and met with the Operations Director of the Plummer Home, Shane MacMaster, in March. Shane and Savery  discussed residents come to Montserrat with the On Point group that visited in April to select work, but at that time none of the residents were interested in being a part of the process.

Leonie and Savery proposed putting together several pieces that would be a good fit for their space, but Shane was adamant that he would like residents to be a part of the Art Selection process because he saw how beneficial it was for the youth of On Point who visited in April. We have it planned to postpone a visit to Montserrat for this process until new residents show interest.

As mentioned above, a photography faculty member is interested in working with residents to create and then show their own work, and this may prove to be an effective strategy for this group.

Future Partners TBD: In addition to these planned and prospective projects, Montserrat Art Connection have a list of other potential partners who would benefit from art installations and outreach programing. These will be approached during the coming months for potential collaboration and installations. As the mission and work of the Montserrat Art Connection continues to expand and become better known new organizations are beginning to approach the college with interest in becoming partner.