Montserrat Art Connection Bingo Night

March 27, 2012

Photo: From left at the event are Hilly Ebling, Gallery Director and Curator Leonie Bradbury, Asst. Curator of Education and Director of Montserrat’s Art Connection program, Maggie Cavallo, and Montserrat’s President Steve Immerman. Photo taken by Cathy Ebling.

Montserrat community members attended the Art Connection’s first ever Art Bingo event Saturday, March 24, in Boston at City Year headquarters. The event raises money for the national organization’s mission to place art in non-profit organizations and expose under-served populations to the power of art: healing, inspirational and reflective. To date they have placed 5,310 works of art by 357 artists in 312 agencies nationally!

R. Hilliard “Hilly” Ebling, who serves on the Montserrat College of Art Board of Trustees, also serves as a trustee to the Art Connection, and sponsored the college’s attendance at the event. Montserrat is one of several sites across the country taking part in Art Connection!