Montserrat: A Renowned Art Conservatory of Global Excellence

July 19, 2012

Montserrat College of Art is definitely a beautiful place under the sun to learn, enjoy, and experience the art culture as a way of life.”

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By AlfredOliver, originally posted July 17, 2012

Arts and Crafts have been one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon mankind. Therefore, developing and conserving it is an integral responsibility of the humanity. Montserrat College of Art was also founded by a group of artists with this noble motive in mind and today the institution is functioning well to achieve that sole purpose to the fullest possible extent. It has now grown to become an autonomous institution of global repute offering a wide variety of courses in various disciplines of visual arts. Its curriculum is challenging and it does not compromise the needs of every individual student, with unique talents, coming from varied backgrounds. In fact, this was also one of the primary doctrines of the institution when it was established for the first time.

The sprawling seaside campus of Montserrat College of Art is located in the beautiful coastal city of Beverly, Massachusetts. Beverly in itself is a city of profound cultural heritage. It is commonly known as the “birth place of American Industrial Revolution” and also the “birthplace of American Navy”. This city houses many galleries, non-profit music theatres (The North Shore Music Theatre is a fine example) and popular museums like the Beverly Historical Society and Museum.

Such a culturally extensive neighborhood makes it an ideal location for an art school. This gives students of art the much needed exposure to stay updated about the latest events in the world of art. The presence of restaurants with an assortment of global cuisines, a station with a good frequency of trains connecting it to other important locations in the vicinity, art supply stores, boutiques, food markets and a host of other such places makes it a very accessible campus for the students.

Here, all academic programs are aptly designed to nurture and hone the skills of the students so that they would be able to think and independently create masterpieces of highest artistic excellence once when they graduate out. These are achieved with a curriculum that assesses and documents the abilities of the students over a period of four year. It also consists of open house programs giving place for public interaction through a series of exhibitions, lecture talks on general art topics, and other such events well spaced throughout the year. So, Montserrat College of Art is definitely a beautiful place under the sun to learn, enjoy, and experience the art culture as a way of life.