Meredith Morten CEC ArtsLink Projects Awardee

April 26, 2011

Sculpture Professor Meredith Morten has won an award from CEC Artslink Projects, allowing her to travel to Hungary for a three-month residency in fall 2011 at the International Ceramics Studio where she will be creating work for a Aug-Oct 2012 solo exhibition at the Gorka Ceramics Museum in Veroce, Hungary. Geza Gorka is one of Hungary’s leading ceramists of the 20th Century. It was said of Gorka’s ceramics, “The clay in Gorka’s hand is an instrument and material through which to express harmony, majesty and profound humanitarian thoughts.” The museum is his former homestead and studio. Meredith says she is “honored to show my work in the museum that houses the collection of this notable artist.”

“My project involves returning to Hungary to create a body of work that draws inspiration from the archaeology and landmass of the Great Hungarian Plain,” Morten said, “I will be in residence at the International Ceramics Studio for three months. An invitation from a lead archaeologist at the National Hungarian Museum has been obtained for accessing excavation sites on the Plain for inspiration. I will give talks about my work and life as an American artist and professor at the American Corners in Budapest and Debrecen. American Corners is an initiative of the US Department of State and overseen by the Fulbright Commission. The programs are well attended by youths and adults, Hungarians, ex-patriots (US), and other internationals. The work I complete at the Studio will be stored for a solo exhibition scheduled for August – October 2012.”

Congratulations Meredith!