Dani Shirtcliff ’09 Documenting Matt Eddy

June 9, 2010

Montserrat College of Art Photography Alumna Dani Shirtcliff ’09 is traveling cross-country documenting a Guinness Book of World Records attempt by a local wheelchair bound Lynn man, Matt Eddy, whose goal is to make the shortest possible trip by wheelchair from Boston to California, and on the way collect $1 from one million people. She is being assisted by videographer Jay Duchin.

Matt Eddy and friends left Red Rock Beach in Lynn on June 5 and expect to be in California soon.

Matt’s place, which was founded by Matt Eddy and will be a beneficiary of funds raised on the trip, is a non-profit organization that helps people with severe physical disabilities, yet who are intellectually capable, live independently in the community. Matt has muscular dystrophy, breathes with a ventilator and is only able to move two fingers.

Matt’s Place provides housing, caregiver training and scheduling, community education and awareness. Currently there are millions of non-elderly adults living in nursing homes and chronic care institutions because there is a severe shortage of affordable, accessible housing. Enabling people with severe physical disabilities to live independently within their community not only provides a better quality of life for the disabled, but also saves tax payers 2/3 of the cost of institutionalized care which can exceed $1million per year per person.

You can watch their trip through this link https://officialmattsplace.org/