Masako Kamiya’s Exhibit at Gallery NAGA Reviewed in The Globe

October 19, 2012

Assoc. Prof. Masako Kamiya is involved in a three person exhibition at Boston’s Gallery NAGA this fall. The exhibit was recently featured in The Boston Globe by Globe Correspondent, Cate McQuade.

Approaching Volume
On view: Oct. 5 – Nov. 3

Gallery NAGA
67 Newbury St., Boston, MA
Hours: Tue – Sat 10 am – 5 pm

“‘Approaching Volume,’ a quirky and delightful exhibit at Gallery NAGA, works so well because the three artists – Joo Lee Kang, Masako Kamiya, and Nicole Chesney – have so little in common,” said McQuade. “There’s a surprise around every corner. The one thing the artists do share is an unusual approach to space and volume. What you would expect to be flat has unexpected depths or proportions.

“Chesney paints on glass backed by mirrors, creating an effect of endless, light-filled space, which she occasionally obscures with feathery brushstrokes, as in ‘Ever Farther (blue and white).’ Kamiya, with her astute color sense, continues arduously building tiny stalks of dried paint over paper. These new works, such as ‘Lift,’ conjure the sense of riding in a low-flying plane over a field of wildflowers.”

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