Mary Bucci McCoy Manifests at Kingston Gallery

March 29, 2012

Fluidity is flooding at Kingston Gallery, thanks to the current exhibition by Mary Bucci McCoy.”

Montserrat Instructor Mary Bucci McCoy has been getting a lot of press for her current “show-stopping” exhibit Manifest, which is her third solo exhibit with the Kingston Gallery in Boston! Manifest is on view through Sunday, April 1.

McCoy makes remarkably subtle works in which perfectly calm surfaces suggest silence, and an occasional smear or glistening patch might be the sound of a gong rippling through that silence.” – The Boston Globe

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Manifest is a seamless exploration of connection and physicality that hinges on the sensual, intimate marks that create a space of mediation between the cycling and static.” – ArtScope

McCoy was also awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowship for painting this year and is included in the White Columns Curated Artists Registry.