Faculty Mark Hoffman’s Site-Specific Mural!

August 18, 2020

Illustration Faculty Mark Hoffman completes a site specific mural in the Hardie Lobby! 

Longtime member of Montserrat Faculty, Author, and renowned Illustrator Mark Hoffman created this massive mural in only two short days. Inspired by the perseverance and optimism shared by our community over the difficult Spring and Summer, this piece invokes the notion that “my light is none the less for lighting my neighbors.”

Hoffman says: 

I gave a lot of thought about what to put on the wall and I knew I wanted to make something that was semi-representational and a bit weird. Also knowing that this was the 50th for Montserrat I was hoping to make a piece that was somewhat about the school going forward.

Therefore the piece is about the revitalization of the North Shore and how Montserrat is, and will be, part of that. Though I had an idea of what I wanted it to say, I made a lot of decisions on the fly as to color and placement of the elements.


Thank you Mark for this thoughtful work!