Marjorie Augenbraum Judges Culturama

February 7, 2012

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Marjorie Augenbraum was asked again this year to be one of the judges for St. Mary’s Star of the Sea’s (in Beverly) 15th annual Culturama event. The event is a school tradition where 7th and 8th graders choose a topic of interest from various subjects, write an 8 page research paper, prepare a 5 minute speech, design a tri-fold poster, and create a 3-D presentation. Community members from assorted professional backgrounds were chosen to judge the student’s work. The students, staff, faculty and community at St. Mary’s came together to celebrate the academic achievement of their students work that they had been creating since September, 2011!

This was the second year I was one of the judges, and once again I was impressed by the students,” said Augenbraum.

Judging by the quality of the student’s posters and 3-D visual aids, it is evident that there are strict and rigorous guidelines for the projects. Augenbraum found that the students were articulate and showed a high degree of curiosity and interest in the subject he or she had chosen. There was a wide range of subject matter. Among the students she spoke with, there was a thorough presentation on bottlenose dolphins, a survey of the founding and films of Pixar, and an investigation of medical research being conducted on sea creatures. Event Coordinator Evangeline Egizi‘s son Dante presented his Culturama project on Doomsday, 2012. A student who presented a fascinating study into the truth about energy drinks told Augenbraum that her level of consumption and that of a friend had changed as a direct result of her new knowledge!