February 18, 2021

Alumna Kathleen Gerdon Archer (’03) was profiled on Cape Ann ARTWaves by Kristine Fisher.

Archer graduated with honors from Montserrat with a concentration in Painting and, while in attendance, participated in the first Artist in Residency program. Eventually the gravity of her artistic interests pulled Archer towards photography and sculpture, which now makes up the bulk of her creative work.

Speaking about the ideas behind much of her art, Archer said “I like to say that my work talks about time in the greatest and smallest sense of the word, and to do that I use ice, fossils, minerals, and plasters in photography and sculpture to express those ideas. I’m trying to set the importance that we think of our own life on a scale of what we do and what we accomplish against how relatively insignificant we are on a larger scale. In order to do that, I place the photography and the sculptures side by side and have them speak to one another.”

You can view Kathleen Gerdon Archer’s whole conversation with Kristine Fisher below. More ARTWaves interviews (including one with fellow alumna Sarah Milton) can be found at the Cape Ann ARTWaves YouTube page.