Montserrat Professor Judy Brown’s exhibition at the Kingston Gallery.

December 14, 2020

Montserrat Professor Judy Brown’s exhibition, “On the Rise and Fall, v.2” opened this week at the Kingston Gallery.

The exhibition will be open from through to January 17th.  It can currently be viewed in person at the Kingston Gallery in the SoWa district of Boston’s South End, in accordance with the gallery’s social distancing guidelines.

In Brown’s own words: “These paintings are meditative journeys across boundaries of time and place contrasting what we see with what we sense below the surface. Their creation is a form of activism; whether addressing beauty, conflict or the traumatic, they bear witness to what is happening in the world. Wandering in genre from more traditional landscape, still life or portraiture to abstracted sensations of movement or emotion, each work slows us down to connect with our common ground and particular narratives.”

This show is an extension of Brown’s February show at Anna Maria College. New work has been added to the exhibition to “reflect the intensity of this year’s turmoil.” Brown believes we can unexpectedly experience beauty or feel joy even in the context of injustice, challenge, or destruction. The use of landscape and figural compositions voice our concerns, reflect common ground and connect the personal with what is universal.

In many of Brown’s paintings, she uses small fragments of paper collected from old letters, documents, receipts, or materials that colleagues have sent from abroad. Brown combines objects that wouldn’t naturally intersect and, by doing so, draws attention to these unexpected associations with materials originating from Europe, Africa, and Asia. She sees no division between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ instead using these collage elements to make connections across time and cultural boundaries. The resulting outcome contrasts what we see with what sense there is in the air or below the surface.

Brown’s conversation with Darrell Matsumoto, along with a tour of the work, can be viewed here or on the Kingston website.

See the show page at the Kingston Gallery website here, and save the date for the January 8th reception!