Joe LoVasco Exhibits at HallSpace

December 6, 2012

Alumnus Joe LoVasco ’07 is having a solo show at Prof. John Colan‘s HallSpace in Dorchester.

Joe LoVasco: re-Froms
Opening: Saturday, Dec. 8, 3 pm
On view through Jan. 26, 2013
Hall Space, 950 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA

HallSpace presents re-Forms, an exhibition of sculpture, collage and drawings by Joe LoVasco. This is LoVasco’s first solo exhibition in the Boston area.

LoVasco works with wood, concrete, paper and found ephemera. He is influenced by patterns and forms found in urban and rural landscapes. LoVasco is having fun with this work. In Neighborhood, a series of painted cast concrete forms, LoVasco seems to be poking fun at urban concrete buildings. Another work is wryly titled, “Building on it’s Side,” a three foot carved and painted maple wood sculpture depicting a building that might have tipped over, or might be waiting to be erected, yet it maintains the dignity of a monumental structure. The collages and drawings are designed and constructed using colored pencil, paper, and scored surfaces. The drawings are not plans for the sculpture, they are interpretations of forms and shapes related to the work.

“Man-made structures are a large source of inspiration in my sculptural work. The hard lines, intersecting angels and the collection of shapes joined together to form the overall structure are all key elements in my work. I enjoy the subtle inconsistencies that come from working a material by hand.” -LoVasco

Courtesy of Hallspace

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Image: Joe LoVasco, Rain and Shadow, 2012, colored pencil and found paper, 10.25 x 10.25 inches