Internship Reflection by Sami Wyckoff ’16

October 23, 2015

IMG_1470At Montserrat, we believe in preparing our students for sustainable careers in the creative fields. Experience in the world beyond Montserrat is integrated into our curriculum, and culminates in a required internship. Current senior Sami Wyckoff ’16 completed her internship requirements this past summer at The Sargent House Museum. Here, in her own words, is her reflection on her experience:

“My internship at The Sargent House Museum was everything but dull. People say museums can be stuffy and boring, but the Sargent House had an energy to it, which I believe is due to all the history within the house as well as it’s original owner, Judith Murray-Sargent. The stories I had learned within the house and the beauty of it inspired my work and helped me shape the work I’m making now.

My day-to-day duties included general artifact and house maintenance. I also helped my supervisor, Kathleen Halecki, with giving tours. My exclusive job, on top of taking care of the house, was to create a house catalog of all of the artifacts within the museum as well as help design a t-shirt for the gift shop. A few other interns and I also ran the Sargent House Instagram account. We took field trips to other local museums and important places to the history of the Sargent House, like the and Cogswell’s Grant. 

Kathleen was honestly one of the most memorable parts of my stay at the house. She is such a well-rounded woman whose skills range from making magnets and hand made crafts to writing novels and research papers. She seriously inspires me to better myself and she makes me want to reach beyond my major and study subjects that normally wouldn’t be applicable for art, just to expand my range of interests and knowledge.

My internship was not always easy, there was a group of Board Members that I had to interact with, and often disagreed with. Of course, these things always happen, but I learned what can occur whilst working with a board for my future career.”cabot_cinema_final (1)

Sami’s road to Montserrat:

“I was approached about attending Montserrat by my high school art teacher and Montserrat alumnus Sean Carney ’95. He told me about the close-knit student community and the encouraging entourage of professors at the school. I was automatically interested after researching more, but what really sold me was when I came to visit the college. The amount of energy the faculty and student body had while describing the school and the curriculum excited me; Since coming here that energy hasn’t faded, even after my four years as a student.

At Montserrat, I’ve evolved from being a shy and unfocused art kid who really had no direction in where I wanted to go. Now I’ve become (if I do say so myself) an outspoken and charismatic artist with a diverse portfolio with the ability to direct my own independent body of work.”