Montserrat Interns at Meridian Associates

April 28, 2010

This semester junior graphic design student Zarah Cinarli, senior photography student Hyun-Ah Jang and senior illustration student Erica Allard are completing their required internships with Meridian Associates in Beverly. The interns designed company newsletters featuring information about the company, Earth Day awareness and Meridian’s work in sustainability. The trio has also designed brochures, developed public presentations and attended trade shows in Boston. Some of their artwork features the hazardous health and environmental consequences of e-waste sent to third world countries. Additionally, Cinarli painted a “portrait” of Meridian’s wind turbine for the company’s new office space. Meridian’s Don Bowen explains his philosophy about working with interns: “It is important to assist with the nurturing of students and helping them to in the marketplace. I am certain that Montserrat has cultivated and nourished their creativity and confidence. It is my intention to help them focus on their place in society and to understand business operations.”