Improbable Places Poetry Tour Gets Jazzy at Chianti During Arts Fest

May 29, 2013

The Improbable Places Poetry Tour is Montserrat’s way of bringing together student writers, local poets, area businesses, and enthusiastic listeners to celebrate the power of poetry and community. At each tour stop a new venue and theme is selected.

This month’s venue is a Jazz Club in the middle of Beverly’s Arts Festival, Saturday, June 15, 2 – 4 pm, at Chianti Jazz Lounge on 285 Cabot Street.

Step behind the white tents and the velvet rope and you will find a speakeasy. Poets will speak, and the drinks, all named for poets and musicians, will go down easy. This month’s tour stop celebrates the intersection between language and music. It’s jazz with its infinite fits and starts, the longing in music, the birth of the blues, stadium rock, and slow dancing.

Hey, I play the Theremin, and I’ve got a poem about Flavor Flav. How do I participate? Well, we’ve got that performance covered, but we are still looking for poems about music.

Send submissions to [email protected] by Monday, June 10.

I don’t write poetry, but I sure am interested in this tour. Can I still attend the event? Sure! Spend your morning enjoying the fabulous Artsfest on Cabot Street, and then step into the cool, dark of Chianti’s at 2:00. Slip on a beret, tuck a gardenia behind your ear, order the Elizabeth Bishop sidecar, and snap or clap as you see fit. The event is free, but the band may steal your soul.

Wait! I’ve still got questions! Just talk to Colleen Michaels, Montserrat’s Writing Studio Director. She’s at [email protected] or 978-969-2301.