Illustrated Book by Alumna Donna Massa-Chappee

September 5, 2013

The latest project of one of Montserrat College of Art’s pioneer alumna Donna Massa-Chappee ’75 has finally come to fruition after four years. Her new book The Untold Stories Behind “The Michael Jackson Series.”

In 2009, three months after the passing of Michael Jackson, a series of unexplainable and unequivocal events compelled the author/illustrator, Massa-Chappee, to create “The Michael Jackson Series.” This unique book is a narrative of a true story of her own personal experiences that led Massa-Chappee to reveal the Untold Stories of Michael Jackson through hand illustration. This is not like any other fine art book about Michael Jackson. It is a beautiful true story about the man, the artist, his message and true legacy to be shared with the world.

You can view the paper back book at or & Kindle

The 12 illustrative stories are also her website:

*Content courtesy of Donna Massa-Chappee