HERE – Screen Art Series

June 22, 2020


HERE is a series of performances projected across numerous digital platforms. It is an investigation, reaction, and dialogue about Art on the Screen.

HERE explores the trivium of subject, camera, and observer. It concerns itself with time, in that the works are temporal and permanent; performance and document. It ponders the voyeuristic paradigm many are navigating in the age of COVID-19 where we are physically separated yet invited into each other’s homes. Moments happen and are held in no place places. They are here, anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere. Though it started first as a reaction to the contrast of isolation and the infinite contact that is zoom/hangouts/facebook/etc, the exhibition was recontextualized due to the tragic murder of George Floyd.

HERE was a scavenger hunt of sorts inviting viewers to experience these unique events here and there; here and there.

Jimena Bermejo
Performed LIVE on Monday, June 15
Mandy Cano Villalobos
Sanities and Solitudes: Blow (Birthday)
Special presentation on Tuesday, June 16


Morehshin Allahyari
She Who Sees the Unknown (Aisha Qandisha)
Special presentation of Wednesday, June 17

Kirk Amaral Snow
Performed LIVE on Thursday, June 18
Jovan Brock
Performed LIVE on Friday, June 19
Jylik Buissereth ’20
Survey & Herd
Performed LIVE on Friday, June 19