Guerrilla Girls Take Over Boston

September 7, 2012

Image: Gallery Director/Curator Leonie Bradbury and President Steve Immerman in front of the Guerrilla Girls billboard truck before its departure into Boston.

WHERE: The streets & college campuses of Boston
Friday, September 7th, 4:30 – 7:30 pm

The latest piece by the infamously-masked Guerrilla Girls, will make an unapologetic splash throughout the city of Boston. The original art will be displayed on a mobile billboard and will expose the famed group’s critique of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

The Guerrilla Girls have been powerfully and consistently active since first breaking onto the art scene in 1985. The group, who only appear in gorilla masks, has remained anonymous for nearly three decades, as they have fought to expose the inequality in of women and minorities in the art world. After touring the city, the billboard will join the rest of the  Guerrilla Girls’ exhibit, Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond, at Montserrat College of Art where it will be displayed though December 15.