Gallery Public Event: Making Your Merch: Working for Yourself 101

November 2, 2015


Making Your Merch: Working for Yourself 101
Wednesday, November 4, 12:30-3pm
248 Cabot Street, Room 208
Featuring a panel discussion with…

Helen Popinchalk & Morgan Grenier, Co-Founders of TRIFECTA EDITIONS

Andrew Bablo ’07, Founder of Steez Magazine

Alyssa Watters ’07, Owner of ART by ALYSSA

Montserrat College of Art has invited a group of artistic entrepreneurs to cover a diverse range of media including: Printmaking, Illustration and Graphic Design.

Some key topics covered will be: branding, identifying a mission or statement of purpose, merchandising, pricing artwork, time management, promotional events, and growing your audience.
About the Presenters:unnamed (19)Andrew Bablo ’07, Founder of Steez Magazine

In 2006, Andrew Bablo founded Steez Magazine on a black and white photo copier while at Montserrat College of Art. Over the course of 9 years and 35 issues, Andrew grew the publication to international distribution on newsstands such as Barnes and Noble in all 50 states and Canada. He’s hosted dozens of events from small VIP shows to 1,000+ person concerts and parties in Boston to LA. In the summer of 2015, Andrew launched Steez Design, to house his company’s creative projects and fine art endeavors. He is currently exhibiting throughout the Boston area.
unnamed (2)Helen Popinchalk & Morgan Grenier, Co-Founders of TRIFECTA EDITIONS

TRIFECTA EDITIONS is a print collective based in Boston and Cambridge, MA. They create limited-edition silk-screened prints and art objects with artists from all disciplines. TRIFECTA takes pride in diverse backgrounds of their artists from illustrators to comic artists to architects and sculptors.
unnamed (20)Alyssa Watters ’07, Owner of ART by ALYSSA

ART by ALYSSA is a company based in Beverly that combines a love for oil painting with a passion for creating handmade gift products.

From the age of 16, Alyssa has worked in a handful of wonderful gift shops that have helped shape her into the person she is today. After getting her BFA, Alyssa managed one of the leading stationery shops on the North Shore. While running a shop, she also hosted solo art shows, experimented with creating gift products, attended local craft fairs and submitted her products for wholesale at local businesses.

In the beginning of 2011, Alyssa left her day job to pursue ART by ALYSSA full time. Today, ART by ALYSSA can be found in nearly 100 shops throughout the country, at local craft fairs and at Alyssa’s larger solo shows that she curates during the year.

Originally from Ledyard, Connecticut, Alyssa moved to Beverly in 2003 to attend Montserrat College of Art, and has been there ever since.