Gallery From the Living Room with Sydney Gauthier ’21!

March 5, 2021

Gallery From the Living Room
with Sydney Gauthier ’21

Attention artists!

I am starting up a new section on Montserrat Galleries’ Instagram and Facebook to showcase what members of the Montserrat Community are working on. This can be anything from fine art, animation, video, performance, writing, poetry, music, cooking, room setup, doodles, works in progress, woodcraft, knitting, baking, fashion, makeup, the list goes on.

We want to see how you are occupying your time within your space and what your creative outlets are!

Arts greatest purpose is introducing us to each other.

SUBMIT YOUR CREATIVE PROJECTS!!! The gallery wants to use our platforms of over 4000 followers to bring light to the students. This will be a way to get your work out there, create networking contacts, or just get some fun comments about your current art.

In addition to this exciting opportunity, the first twenty students to submit work to this online gallery will receive a $20 gift card.

So hurry and send in your work through the following link for a chance of exposure and possibly some money!