Frame 301 Update: Marika Whitaker

July 9, 2013

Marika Whitaker: Nigredo 
Frame 301 Gallery
July 10 – Aug. 8, 2013

“The work is always trying to become, and it is my job to follow the life cycle of the work into unknowing and back out again. Each work should contain within it, as we all do, all its potentialities, all the things it was, could have been, and can become: that is a living work of art.” –Marika Whitaker

Montserrat College of Art is pleased to host North Shore painter, Marika Whitaker, in Frame 301, Montserrat’s alternative display space. In the installation entitled Nigredo, the composition will dance around a black calligraphic line grasping at a dual balance and tension between light and dark. Nigredo translates to the dark night of the soul, the depths of ones unconscious, and Albedo is the moment when light breaks through at last.

Whitaker’s upcoming installation in the Frame 301 gallery will be a site specific large-scale painting, part of a her recent series, Rockfaces. Montserrat is thrilled to have her be a part of the exciting and innovative summer in Frame 301.

Marika Whitaker is a painter and musician who lives on the North Shore with her family. Whitaker received her B.A. from Gordon College in fine arts in 2006. She has painted and exhibited locally for the last seven years. She does both figurative and abstract work, both of which inform the other practice. More
images of her work can be seen at: