FOR THE RECORD Featured in Artscope Magazine

September 14, 2011

Montserrat Galleries FOR THE RECORD show was featured in Artscope Magazine’s Sept./Oct. Issue. The article encapsulates the show’s objective interpretations of the subjective experiences one faces in the midst of war and global conflict. The artwork not only focuses on the perspective of the individuals’ who are fighting in wars, but also, the impression the conflict has on the bystanders, the culture, and the physical land itself. The art offers an outlet for viewers to realize, challenge, and understand their own perception and feelings towards war.

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Benjamin Lowy’s “Iraq Perspectives” photography series, Steve Mumford’s “Going Back In” oil painting, and Rob Roy’s “Oil Storage Tanks #18” iris print, featured on the magazine’s  cover, were only a few of the stunning, chilling, and incredibly realistic works that are a part of the exhibit, which will be open to the public through Oct. 22.

FOR THE RECORD Symposium, Sept. 20 & Oct. 1