Fine Arts Senior Show: Some Things Take Time

March 27, 2012

The spring Senior Shows are well underway! The current exhibit titled Some Things Take Time will be on display in the 301 Gallery from March 26 – 30, with a reception Wednesday, March 28, 5–8 pm.

Some Things Take Time is the senior Fine Arts II thesis exhibition of seven Montserrat graduating students. The show features the work of artists Jon Bolles, Brittany Carr, Hannah Imbesi, Jack Moffitt, Elizabeth O’Toole, Tamara Trudeau and Amanda Woronecki.

Jon Bolles is a painter working from observed nature as well as from memory. His colorful paintings reveal his interest in the relationships between colors and how colors develop associations to emotions.

Brittany Carr’s photography of architecture and landscapes draws the eye closer into a world affected by time. There is a sense of wonder about and appreciation for those who built and used these places in comparison to what has been left behind. In these overlooked locations are stories that she captures with her camera. Her emphasis on light, texture, and shape transforms and creates new, visual relationships.

Hannah Imbesi is showcasing a collection of work that explores printmaking methods as a meditative process in order to give form to anxious tendencies. The Anxiety Project becomes a mantra for her as a means of maintaining and relinquishing control.

Jack Moffitt is a photographer, videographer and sound artist whose work is consistently presented in a provocative manner and engages the viewer to participate. His thesis work is a multimedia instillation that explores gender issues through a series of personal artworks, conveying the life of someone who is transgender.

Elizabeth O’Toole has been developing a body of artwork based off of the idea of what is means to be a female in spirituality, whether it’s in mythology or in organized religion, and in reality. She chooses to hide the figure’s facial identity to make them more approachable to her viewers.

Tamara Trudeau is showcasing a range of paintings and drawings that is a accumulation of historical and contemporary beliefs. Ms. Trudeau is interested in depicting her ideas within a playful, expressive nature.

Amanda Woronecki’s artwork focuses on exploring her imaginative worlds, mixing nature with pop cultures. Her pen and ink drawings include limited color to emphasize the delicacy of the imagery.

Click here for more details and to see some of the seniors’ art work!