Fine Arts II Senior Thesis Exhibition (5): Withdrawn

April 12, 2013

The fifth Senior Thesis Exhibition this spring is Withdrawn. The exhibit will be on display April 15 – 19, with a reception Wednesday, April 17, 5 – 8 pm at 301 Gallery, 301 Cabot St., Beverly.

The artists are pleased to announce Withdrawn, a senior thesis show at Montserrat College of Art celebrating the work of Sarah Maeder, Buddy Quinn, Tiffany Bargeron, Myra Thornton, Tom Maio, Loren Doucette, Sam King, Justin Durso and Sara Benson.

Each member of Withdrawn displays a different exploration in thought and medium. Exhibiting paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, video and performance – this cross disciplinary show invites the viewer into a space where nine minds collide.

The individual works share the common ground of creation due to emotion, helping the artists deal with themselves and their surroundings. Simultaneously exposing and denying their beliefs, loves, and fears, Withdrawn is letting everything hang out without revealing the secrets.

Each member explores a unique approach to their work conceptually and aesthetically. Quinn’s sculptures display the acute detail and craftsmanship possible in metal; his manipulation of steel translates an appreciation and attention to the intermingling archetypes found in nature. Maio’s practice has undertones of minimalism and feral nature. His use of the body is the starting point for both his performative and objective work. King creates universes on canvas that only exist in an alternate dimension. Her worlds taunt and tickle the conscious; giving us flashbacks of conical-sea shelled string theory dreams. Maeder’s word-smithing is interwoven into her work – text, trauma, lost memory, and warped perception play roles in her reclaiming of language.

Bargeron’s figurative shadows and crude spaces take us into a world in which direction is unclear; which way is up, down, backwards – a space in which the figure can only exist through paint. Durso’s collages, assemblages, and paintings are based off of experiences and photographs; becoming autobiographical by discussing his own body as well as the surrounding world through multi-media experimentation. Thornton’s process of capturing materials in water explores themes of movement in space and time – the act of suspended motion. Benson’s paintings rely on her knowledge of the formal issues of painting itself; the repeated box-form allows her to simplify painting into asystem, this guideline or blueprint allows consistency, but other variables such as color, are approached intuitively –allowing room for the unknown. Doucette’s observational paintings are not made to imitate nature, but instead, are made to expose experiences of her surroundings through a vocabulary of color passages, line and mark.

301 Gallery is pleased to display the work of this talented group of artist. Withdrawn is a show not to be missed. Each member’s hard work signifies a capstone to their undergraduate fine art careers.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.

The show is the fifth of a series of weekly group exhibits by graduating seniors. See full list of exhibitions here:

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 11-2
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