Fine Arts I Senior Thesis Exhibition (4): Up to Here

April 8, 2013

The fourth Senior Thesis Exhibition this spring is Up to Here. The exhibit will be on display April 8 – 12, with a reception Wednesday, April 10, 5 – 8 pm at 301 Gallery, 301 Cabot St., Beverly.

Up to Here features the work of Montserrat seniors Grant Archer, Olivia Boi, Suzy Evans, Kyle Gibson, Brittanny Handiboe, Sarah Krizon, Bianca Picozzi, Mackenzie Strong and Nichole Walker. An exhibition of particular breadth, the works in Up to Here provide varying investigations of space.

Space, the dimensional reality that provides context for the objects within it, is an inseparable component to two dimensional and three dimensional art. Each of these artists create narratives, either from memory or as departures from their observed lives, that exist within highly personalized depictions of space.

Grant Archer’s paintings and sculptures provide surfaces that are heavily worked upon, using a nearly life size scale to immerse the viewer and establish a literal sense of the subject matter.

Olivia Boi’s painting and wire wall drawings also offer an immersive experience, their tangled forms invading the picture plane as well as the gallery space itself.

Suzy Evans responds emotionally to the material, whether dancing shamelessly in celebration of a Cecily Brown painting at the MFA or using luscious paint application and patterning to create works in reverence to the people she loves.

Kyle Gibson is conceptually and formally engaged with the space in-between polar opposites , using the absence and presence of the figure in his paintings to convey the truth intrinsic to ambiguity.

Brittanny Handiboe’s installations made from glass or plexiglass utilize crooked cuts and harsh angles in order to create a sense of instability in the gallery space.

Sarah Krizon uses aggressive, angular mark making in her paintings to instill feelings of anarchic discomfort and suppressed rage.

Bianca Picozzi attempts to create paintings void of external reference, instead breaking down her memories into their most basic elements and responding to them with thick, autonomous strokes on top of a colorfield.

Mackenzie Strong is a mixed media artist who is also engaged with material’s relationship to memory, integrating collage elements to echo fragments of the moments in her life.

Nichole Walker relates much of her work back to nature, playing with the weight and physical characteristics of ink, acrylic, or various other mediums such as hydrocal to create works that explore subjective and objective instances of a utopian environment.

The show is the fourth of a series of weekly group exhibits by graduating seniors. See full list of exhibitions here:

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 11-2, (4/4=First Thursday = additional hours 6 – 9pm)
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