Faculty News: New Poem by Dawn Paul

October 15, 2013

Montserrat College of Art faculty member Asst. Prof. Dawn Paul has one of her new poems featured in the online journal, Damselflypress.

Paul  is the author of two novels, The Country of Loneliness and Still River. Her poetry has been published most recently in the Naugatuck River Review and Redheaded Stepchild. She is also a frequent performer on Montserrat’s Improbable Places Poetry Tour.


Last Photo with my Mother

It’s all there: the path through the Audubon Sanctuary,
me standing next to my mother, the light of late afternoon.
It is autumn and the path is full of yellow beech leaves.
We stand close together, her shoulder against my arm,
but we do not hold each other, just the slight leaning in.

How alike we are: neatly built, straight-spined, those long Irish cheeks.
And the genuine smiles. We, who often look hunted in photos,
are happy in golden October, the leaves deep on the path.
We both look directly into the camera, which is held by my beloved.
My mother once said to me, in quiet admiration, “She is so honest.
I can’t imagine her ever telling a lie.”

If I was as honest, I would say this photo does not tell the entire story.
But another part of me, equally honest, says, once again, it’s all there:
the path, the autumn woods, the warmth of her shoulder against my arm.

To see more of her work, visit: corvidwriters.org/dpaul