Faculty News: Martha Buskirk Update

January 8, 2016

An interview with Prof. Martha Buskirk, Ph.D., conducted by Ilva Skulte about the role of museums in the preservation, was published in Kulturas Diena, the weekly Latvian newspaper on culture, on Jan 7, 2015: “Mākslas darbs muzejā – laikmetīgs un paliekošs?” The interview took place while Martha was in Riga last fall to deliver a plenary session keynote talk at the Renewable Futures conference.

Martha Buskirk’s “Inside Information,” on the “Data Drift” exhibition at Kim? contemporary art center in Riga, Latvia, was published in the February issue of Artforum. Martha is also delivering a number of talks during February and March:

“Public Experience / Private Authority,” Poetic Justice: On the Intersection of Art and Law in the Work of Félix González-Torres, Cornell Law School and the Art & Law Program at the de la Cruz Collection, Miami, February 11, 2016. Click here to learn more! 

“The Language of Site Specificity” (keynote address) at “Revisited: Site-specificity in Recent Outdoor Sculpture, International Symposium,” at Situation Kunst, Bochum, Germany, February 26, 2016. Click here to learn more! 

“Museum Relations,” Pacific Northwest College of Art MFA AC+D Graduate Lecture Series, Portland, March 9, 2016. Click here to learn more! 

Congratulations, Martha!