Faculty News: Martha Buskirk in Conversation at The Mills Gallery

May 2, 2014

A Conversation about Art Writing
Co-hosted by
Friday, May 9th, 7pm

Join The Mills Gallery at 7pm on Friday, May 9th when their Salon conversation will be co-hosted by Martha Buskirk and Robert Moeller.

The topic for the evening will be “What Do You Say? Writing Over, Under and Beneath art.” Artists, writers, arts writers and all interested parties are welcomes – this is a conversation, not a workshop – to share your thoughts.

They’ll explore the intersection of words, images, objects, actions and ideas. How is the act of writing related to other aspects of the creative process? What is the role of an accompanying text? And what it means to write about art.

Martha Buskirk is Professor of art history and criticism at Montserrat College of Art. She is the author of Creative Enterprise: Contemporary Art between Museum and Marketplace and a frequent contributor to various publications, including Artforum.

Robert Moeller is a artist, writer, and independent curator. His writing appears regularly in Hyperallergic and Art New England.

GERTRUDE’S is an artists’ lounge and lab at the BCA’s Mills Gallery – a place for idle conversation, heated exchange and the sporadic, sometimes thematic exploration of ideas that grow out of and into art.

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