Gordon Arnold Recent Publications

May 8, 2013

Prof. Gordon Arnold‘s new book, Projecting the End of the American Dream: Hollywood’s Visions of U.S. Decline (Praeger, 2013) was released last week!

“This provocative book reveals how Hollywood films reflect our deepest fears and anxieties as a country, often recording our political beliefs and cultural conditions while underscoring the darker side of the American way of life.” – Praeger Publishers

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Arnold’s book, Conspiracy Theory in Film, Television, and Politics (Praeger, 2008), was also recently discussed in an editorial appearing in the Indonesian publication Victory News. Arnold is cited in a Nov. 2012 editorial entitled “Bahaya Konspirasi Politik dalam Mutasi.” The editorial relates Arnold’s analysis of conspiracy thinking, and of the fear and anxiety this produces in social and political culture, to developments in domestic Indonesian politics. The text of the article can be found at victorynewsmedia.com.