Faculty News: Dawn Paul’s Poem Published on Daily Dose of Lit

September 3, 2015


Asst. Prof. Dawn Paul’s (Writing & Interdisciplinary Arts) poem “AVALANCHE” has been published on Daily Dose of Lit!

Always, the lag
sound traveling the distance, peak to valley

Looking up from green Grindelwald
at Jungfrau, white at noon
On a flank, blade-sharp
against the Swiss blue sky
one puff of crystal snow rose
trailed off in wind-blown streamers
then—a bass drum struck with a cloth mallet

That first time, I did not connect
the airy wisps of mountain snow
the deep sound of its letting go

Years later, in Maine, at winter’s end
Under the ridge that leads to Katahdin’s peak
I walked on avalanched snow
set like concrete
by the weight of its triggered fall
No sound there but boots
and breath

Find more information at dailydoseoflit.com 

Congratulations, Dawn!