Elizabeth Alexander: Home Sweet Home

November 28, 2011

“It’s not really fixing it. It’s making it more useless and more ridiculous.” —Elizabeth Alexander

Sculpture Instructor Elizabeth Alexander gave an artist talk about her current Home Sweet Home exhibit at the Montserrat Gallery, on view through Jan. 21. She discussed what it was like growing up as a welder’s daughter, her struggle to always prove herself, her obsession for perfection, and more. She gave insight into how her art has progressed over the years and how the Victorian age has inspired her to transform welding tools and equipment into decorative and desirable objects. Elizabeth even discussed how she took a red Firebird that she found in a junkyard and turned it into a “Victorian chariot”. She aims to marry the blue collar world with the world of luxury.

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Home Sweet Home features site-specific installations by three New England artists: Elizabeth Alexander, Samantha Fields, and Kirsten Reynolds. Each artist explores the interior and exterior boundaries of ‘the home’ within both an architectural and feminist context. Together they provide a critique of the cultural power structure that is the domestic sphere. Each artist engages specifically with the walls, both exterior and interior, as the primary signifier of the home.