Director of Admissions Jeffrey Newell

October 12, 2011

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A collaboration between Jeffrey Newell and Atomic Café artists!

Some Atomic customers enjoy artwork in the form of decoratively topped latte foam, but for Director of Admissions Jeffrey Newell, its bagels! A daily routine of simply buying a bagel every morning for 7 years has become an art form! “A new element was woven into my Atomic Café experience about 2 years ago when a small message was written on my bagel wrapper in black sharpie pen,” said Newell. “Then another message the next day. Then it grew to a silly little drawing. One time color was added. And then another color. A new artist took the pen. Another drawing was created with a different message, over and over again. It was the start of a new style of communication between customer and barista.”

The daily bagel wrapper art were all captured on Newell’s iPhone and document the collaboration. The designs range from funny faces, weather forecasts, to even a Tic-Tac-Toe game! Please visit Atomic Café at 265 Cabot St., Beverly to see the “I <3 Bagel” art for yourself!