October 13, 2020

Montserrat Faculty Jesse Kahn invited three influential and working Designers to meet with the “Design Stories” course. The three artists impart invaluable information about current working strategies, project navigation, and best practices.

Yenny Hernandez is a Latinx award winning graphic designer and illustrator from the North Shore. Of Puerto Rican descent her work pulls from her heritage and is often infused with vibrant colors and tropical foliage. Working both digitally and in print Yenny’s work incorporates color, typography, hand lettering and portraiture. Her work spans from messages of positivity, finding your voice, to depicting family, friends, and artists of color. Striving to grow Latinx representation in design and illustration, her work has also begun to include Spanish and topics that speak specifically to the Latinx community.

Christopher Santoro is the founder of Santoro Design, LLC, a branding and website design studio based in Boston, MA. His philosophy is simple: work alongside his clients in a collaborative partnership, to create highly memorable, impactful, and beautiful creative work that represents them and their goals. Christopher has worked with small businesses for the past several years, in addition to bigger brands and agencies alike. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2012, and has occasionally taught graphic design as an adjunct professor.

Shanay Walker is a Boston-based graphic designer with lofty goals, but don’t worry she’s not afraid of heights. Shanay has over 5 years of combined experience working with a Fortune 100 company and one of the most prestigious conservatories in the world. She has acted as design lead on a wide variety of projects with clients from around the world, and has experience implementing and improving visual brand strategies. If she’s not playing tabletop games with friends, you can probably find her in a quiet corner reading a book or working through some wild idea she has managed to think up.