Derek Lerner

February 7, 2017

March 23, 11:30am

Derek Lerner Work Asvirus 60, 2015 Ink on paper 44 x 30 in

March 23, 2017, 11:30am
Public Artist Talk – Derek Lerner

Derek Lerner (b.1974), is an NYC-based artist whose work explores systems: their creation, control, use and experience of them. Lerner’s abstract ink on paper drawings co-mingle representations of human-made and natural systems and the tensions between those forces. From an aerial vantage point, his compositions grow, line by line, through an additive, extemporaneous process into fictional spaces that juxtapose these systems, signs, and symbols. They encompass dualities that vacillate between micro and macro scales, dark and light, creation and destruction, human-made and nature-made; functioning as metaphors for ambivalence. In 2015 New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority commissioned Lerner to create permanent public art for the Avenue X subway station on the F train, IND Culver Line in Brooklyn. He has exhibited worldwide and his work is represented by New York gallery, Robert Henry Contemporary.