Daniel Phillips at 301 Gallery

September 17, 2009

My first experience as a gallery assistant was working in the 301 Gallery with artist Daniel Phillips on his current exhibition, Tear Down These Walls. Having only read a little information about his current show, I didn’t really know what to expect on my first shift.

When I began working with Daniel I began to realize how much of this current show is actually performance art. The work he was doing was physical and time consuming, It showed to me how dedicated he was to his art. Along with his still photographs turned into stop motion video of him doing his current work was another aspect of the show that I found very interesting. I taught it was a great and different way to document the progress of his work. Since I never really witnessed performance art of this kind I found this new experience to be very exciting, and to work along side an artist, helping him in any way with his art was very rewarding.