Creative Economy Kickoff Event

June 20, 2012

What a great turnout at last night’s Creative Economy Cocktail Reception at Rockport Music’s Shalin Liu Performance Center! The room was filled with great energy from the 200+ creative members!

Montserrat College of Art has teamed up with seARTS to take on the lead partnership of Creative Economy Association of the North Shore (CEANS). We plan to continue the mission of CEANS in conjunction with the Salem Partnership, Enterprise Center at Salem State University and North Shore Alliance.

Thank you to Patricia Zaido, executive director of the Salem Partnership, and Christine Sullivan of the Enterprise Center at Salem State University, who were instrumental in the organization’s founding!

If you’re not communicating visually, you are not communicating.” -Montserrat President, Steve Immerman


Montserrat intends to broaden the opportunities available through CEANS by adding some educational components, including our new Artists Professional Toolbox program! Click here to learn more! Montserrat has expanded opportunities for artists and workers in the creative economy through CEANS and we have sought grant funding to be able to revise some of the great things the organization has done in the past.

The combination of art and industry is what makes us unique.” – seARTS President, James Caviston


Thank you to seARTS for all the work they have been doing to promote the arts and creative economy on Cape Ann! We are so glad to be partnering with them and furthering this agenda throughout a broader region.

It’s going to be up to us to make sure our voice is heard at City Hall all the way up to US Congress.” –Matthew Wilson of Mass Creative

Helena Fruscio, Creative Economy Industry Director at Commonwealth, asked the audience who considers themselves apart of the creative community.

Montserrat will be a resource to the state through Fruscio’s Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

Rick Gadbois, Independent Mobile Developer, discussed the newest App he is working on.

Thank you to Rockport Music’s Shalin Liu Performing Center for hosting the event and thank you to the band, The Joy of Sax, including Michael Cain, bass; Steve Swartz, sax and clarinet, special appearence by pianist Bob Allison, member of  the American Federation of Musicians, and especially to Melissa Jeswald for making this event possible!