Congratulations to Ian Factor!

June 29, 2012

Image: “Last Trap Of The Day” 36″ x 48″ Oil On Canvas. This painting is from a his newest series of lobstermen paintings from Cape Cod.

2012 has been a year of transitions and transformations for our former Painting and Drawing Instructor Ian Factor! Here are some of his recent happenings and exciting opportunities:

Not only has Factor been accepted into the Master’s Program at the New York Academy of Art for Figurative Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, but he also has been awarded the New Media Scholarship award for 2012-2013!

The New Media Scholar Program is awarded to one entering MFA candidate who demonstrates strong web presence through the chronicling of the Academy’s MFA application process via new media mechanisms. The New Media Scholar receives $10,000 over two years in the form of tuition reduction. The student selected continues to document their first and second year experience as well as provide assistance with the use of new media to recruit prospective students and globally increase the Academy’s exposure.

As part of his responsibilities for this Scholarship Award, Factor will be regularly Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking and sharing his own personal experiences, work and progress as well as news-worthy and interesting blasts of information about the artists and events of the New York Academy Of Art in general! Factor will begin the Master’s Program this fall.

Here are the essential links for staying in touch and keeping up on what he’ll be doing over the next two years at the Academy:

Facebook: ian.factor.7
Twitter: @IanFactor

We thank you for your dedicated teaching over the years!

Congratulations and good luck, Ian!