Colleen Michaels Poetry Tour Featured in The Boston Globe

February 14, 2013

Montserrat’s Improbable Places Poetry Tour’s most recent stop at Beverly’s Water & Brown paint store (on Elliot Street) was featured in The Boston Globe this week in an article titled Beverly’s traveling poetry tour performance another success by Terri Ogan.

The night was a huge success and brought a full house with around 70 people who came to listen to 29 poems, by 29 poets.”The audience included people who were attending their first poetry reading, and others who were writing their fourth book.” Montserrat’s Writing Studio Director and founder of the tour, Colleen Michaels received an ‘all-time-high’ of 50 poem submissions for this stop on the tour that focused on color!

Read the full article here:

“The tour’s next stop is still undetermined, but Michaels has her eyes set on a metalsmithing shop or a beauty parlor. ‘I like the way it brings people together in the community,’ Michaels said. ‘That’s the goal for me.’
Also, one of Michaels’ poems, For the Buyer of Breakfasts in Salem, has been turned into a recipe on Eat This Poem‘s site:”