Colleen Michaels’ New Publication

January 9, 2013

Writing Studio Director Colleen Michaels has two pieces featured in the current issue of Constellations: A Journal of Poetry and Fiction, now on display in our Paul M. Scott Library.

1. “Hand to Mouth” is short prose about a stapler and its territorial owner.

2. “Ursa Minor” is an ekphrastic poem that was first read at an Improbable Places Poetry Tour/17 Cox collaboration, and was inspired by a Derek Erdman painting.

They say working at a paper company dries out their skin and that the carpet under their desks is filled with static electricity. Poor babies. – Colleen Michaels

Next IPPT Stop: Thursday, Feb. 7, 7 – 9 pm
Waters & Brown on 13 Elliott Street, Beverly, MA

Poetry Submissions Due: Monday, Feb. 4
E-mail: [email protected]