CAITLIN & MISHA – Gallery Talk

November 22, 2019

Gallery Talk

November 22, 2019
Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery


Caitlin and Misha create artworks that play with culturally relevant, yet sometimes utopic examples of sharing communities, livable ecologies, and the transmutation of waste. They employ drawing, design, and sculptural techniques within a contemporary framework of interactive media and participatory installation. In addition to exploring ecology, media, and alchemy, they create artworks that provide unique opportunities for shared experiences and group-based rejuvenation, such as sweating, meditating, humming, jumping, and worrying together.

As part of this installation in the Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery, Caitlin and Misha have collected worries specifically from the Montserrat Community and will continue to collect any Gallery Visitors’ worries throughout the installation. These worries will be aggregated and included in the sculptures.

When attendees tap or hit the sculpture a worry will come into focus so that it can be heard clearly before again submerging into an abstract murmur. There are many social situations where it’s unacceptable to express one’s worries, even when they are the thoughts weighing most heavily on one’s mind.

This project is an opportunity to collect various types of worries and consider the emotional cycles which they represent. Worries Bash culminates with a public ceremonial destruction of the sculptures as a means to share and release worries. This pairing of worries with celebration aims to provide some insight into the complexities of the anxieties we live with.