Blogging from Viterbo, Italy

July 10, 2009

from Professor Judy Brown

It is difficult for me to believe we’ve begun our 2nd week here in Viterbo. Arriving crunched up, sleep deprived and suddenly stepping into the heat and sunlight, now seems a distant memory. The first days are always a blur of arrival: settling into our apartments at the student residence or through the walled city, eating our first meal, blissfully falling asleep at the end of that very long first day.  That first Saturday we have initial class meetings, find our way around the city, eat more together (this is Italy after all!) and spend a leisurely Sunday on the shores of Lago Bolsena.

The pictures I’ve attached are from the first couple of days of Landscape class. Andy, Kristen, Kai, Michelle and Brad started out in gardens of the Palazzo Priori overlooking the Valley Faul or angling back into the terraces that build from the valley to the Papal Palace. Wednesday and Thursday we roamed in the narrow streets of the midieval quarter, San Pelligrino. Next week will find us in the fields that surround the thermal baths, Villa Lante and the nearby city of Tuscania.

More pictures later….
A presto….