Beyond Montserrat: The Social Network

November 14, 2013

Meighan L. O’Toole is a digital and social media strategist, with an exceptional understanding of pushing & curating online content, while simultaneously creating community around a product. Her expertise lies in training and educating small creative brands and individuals on creating community, deepening their presence online, and defining their voice via social media.

In 2007, Meighan launched her personal art blog, “My Love for You.” Surrounding herself with amazing artists from all over the world through podcasts, studio visits, and Q&A’s, she experienced the possibilities of online communities and saw the magic of the Internet first hand. After managing and running her blog for 3 years, Meighan was approached by Yahoo! to join their social media team in Sunnyvale, CA. She’s since gone on to work as a community manager for Wikia (Wikipedia’s sister site), and most recently WIRED.

Meighan now works as a consultant, through her own firm O’Toole Social Media and Digital Strategy.