Beverly Police Host Domestic Violence Event: Silent Witness

October 11, 2013

L to R: Sheila Radziewicz of HAWC, Quincy Torres, Director of the Beverly Police Department Domestic Violence Unit, Zayda Gonzalez, John W. Norton and Lieutenant Phil McCarthy.

The Beverly Common was filled with over a dozen life size red wooden cutout figures yesterday afternoon, Oct. 11. The event, Silent Witness, hosted by The Beverly Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit, was held to pay tribute to the victims during the department’s month long effort to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Each free standing life size wooden figures had the names of a Massachusetts victim who once lived, worked, had neighbors, friends, family, children – who’s life ended violently at the hands of an intimate partner or acquaintance. An extra figure was added to represent those uncounted victims whose murders went unsolved or were erroneously ruled accidental.

The red figures of men, women, children and policemen were made by Montserrat students Buddy Quinn, Ivy Fowler, Emily Fung, Mirek Kutnik, Michael Parrillo and Zoey Chapin. Montserrat sculpture faculty member James Durrett played a huge part in the process of collaborating with the students to build all of the figures.