Beatrice Modisett (’07) opening at the Maier Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia

January 9, 2020

Alum and former part-time instructor Beatrice Modisett (’07) has a solo exhibition opening at the Maier Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia. The exhibition, “Scorched Earth,” presents Modisett’s recent investigations into visualizations of landscapes, which are presented in various states of upheaval and collapse.
The exhibition’s larger paintings are added and eroded layers of thinned oil paint. Objects and walls of paint direct and disrupt the flow of material in a metaphorical representation of human systems attempting to influence shifting landscapes. Also included in the exhibition are monumental charcoal drawings and mixed media floor sculptures.

“Scorched Earth” opens January 31st and runs until April 11th. She will also be doing an artist talk on February 1st. For more of Beatrice Modisett’s work, see her website, or her Instagram, @beatrice.modisett