Bear Gallery DIY Exhibit

April 22, 2013

The next juried exhibition of work presented by The Bear Gallery is Do It Yourself, which will be showing a collection of work from artists who craft and exhibit their work with a DIY mentality. The reception will take place on Thursday, April 25 and will remain on view until May 3. The show will exhibit various contemporary artists, within the Montserrat student body and outside of it, young emerging artists and established artists, coming together to further the art community.

The idea of a group of people coming together with similar mindsets and ideas to collaboratively further a cause has been the spirit of The Bear Gallery, as well as the universal goal of the DIY art culture. In this show, that spirit will be captured and put on display, paying homage to all of those in the DIY world, choosing to create work, show work, sell work and represent themselves with the exclusion of outside help.