July 6, 2021

Alumna Arienne Rose Boley has recently begun the Navasota Artist in Residence Program in Navasota, Texas! 

The six-month program gives two artists the opportunity to live at the Horlock Art Gallery & History Museum. The museum, which is located in a historic house, includes living quarters, studio space, and gallery space, all “combining to create a unique experience and atmosphere for the artists.”

While in the residency, Boley is focused on creating a body of work based on her new surroundings. That work includes a visual development project for an animation series drawn from her time at the residency. The project prominently features alpacas, the design of which draws from time Boley has spent at alpaca farms near her residency.

While working on her visual development project, Boley also made a painting for actor Chuck Norris and his wife Gena to display at their Navasota, Texas ranch. 

To read more about Boley’s work, check out this piece on her inclusion in the Stems Plein Air National Exhibition last year.

To follow along with Boley’s career and ongoing projects, visit her website,, and follow her on Instagram at @BoleyStudio.

Below, see some of the work she’s produced while at the residency, including character designs, a background development piece, and a plein air piece from a local art festival.