Anne Loyer Exhibits at HallSpace

June 8, 2012

Faculty member Anne Loyer exhibits, Icons at HallSpace in Boston this summer!

Reception: Saturday, June 9, 3 – 6 pm
On View: June 9 – July 7

Icons is a series of art works that has grown out of interviews with US veterans of the Iraq war, and Iraqi citizens, recorded over the past three years. With Icons, Loyer’s hope is to create a space for reflection. Large wall size projections show the faces of men who are both individuals and icons: people personally affected by the struggles in Iraq, and archetypes of conflict. Using visual cues from religious spaces, these projections create a space where the viewer can begin to take in the enormity of the confrontation that has happened far away from us. It is a place to contemplate questions and responsibility; oppositions and sympathies. Outside of the main space, viewers interact with the context that frames the internal space: hearing the stories of two veterans of the Iraq War, and two Iraqi Labor Movement leaders.

Staged Readings at HallSpace – Presented by Fort Point Theatre Channel

June 20 at 7:00 pm

Excerpts from Waiting for Gilgamesh by Amir Al-Azraki and No Room for Wishing by Danny Bryck

Waiting for Gilgamesh dialectically dramatizes the problematic lives of the Iraqis and the tricky situation before and after the last war in Iraq. Set in an episodic manner, it encapsulates scenes from the last days of the Iraq-Iran war, a snapshot of torture operations during Saddam’s time, realistic pictures from the daily life after the 2003 war, and an ironic depiction of political and religious debates. By its exposition of truth as perspectival, it challenges the one-sidedness of the audiences’ way of thinking. The spectators are nowhere to find ready-made answers, but are left with a clash of voices, each cudgeling his views.

No Room for Wishing is a one-man documentary play about OccupyBoston written and performed by Danny Bryck and directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. Using only the exact words of the people involved in and affected by the movement, the show pieces together the voices and experiences of many diverse individuals into the larger story of what happened over the two months that Dewey Square was occupied.

950 Dorchester Avenue
Boston, MA

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Fri + Sat: noon – 5 pm
Mon – Thu: by appointment